weber sear grate review

Reviewed in the United States on June 12, 2018. Regarding the sear grate…home depot has a cast iron grate that covers the entire grate and the whole in the center has enough room to hold a chimney starter. You may have pushed me in that direction. *Enjoyed this post? The cooking grate on the “SE” model is the same stainless steel grate found on the “S’ model. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Does leave a nice sear pattern on what your grilling but dosnt make it taste any better in my opinion. They can cover the entire surface, or whatever quarter(s) of the surface you want, so the small size of the weber searing grate that I complain about wouldn’t be an issue. Or for a traditional carbon steel wok with metal loop handles, like this one: I’ve got a local restaurant supply place that has just thing. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. Just be careful where you put it down – it is very hot straight off the grill. I’ve strayed from the one true path of black iron…. Learn how your comment data is processed. This is a wok that stays where you put it. Your guests will be impressed at first glance, and though the very last bite. I’m serving five or more people every time I cook, so the small size forces me to sear in batches. Want to help out DadCooksDinner? Required fields are marked *. Sears whatever your grilling OK. It has also worked really well for asparagus, peppers and other larger vegetables. I’ve seen them, and am sorely tempted to pick up a set. Wok: I’m conflicted. *I’ll share my Grill Pan Green Beans recipe later in the week. Quite the opposite – I love it. A prime piece of meat deserves nothing less than a legendary sear. For the price I think Weber has a winner as long as it holds up to the test of time. Weber indicates it fits all Genesis II models, however I've got the 410 and the grate overlaps - in fact, this is what the documentations indicates. FTC disclosure: I bought all of these pieces with my own money. Fits Perfectly Over Sear Station on Genesis II, Reviewed in the United States on August 20, 2020. Move it to the cool side of the grill – low heat. It is a beautiful piece of cookware – a hefty, cast iron, 14″ diameter wok with a flat bottom. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. Griddle: Highly recommended. I’d be interested to see how you rate this system: Now, you would think this means I don’t like the Weber BBQ System grill grate. If you aren’t an unrepentant wok tosser like me, and if your stove is so underpowered you need to use the grill for some real heat…then this wok is a good purchase. It has a much larger surface area than the Gourmet BBQ Sear Grate, and the narrow mesh of the cast iron lets it do double duty as a vegetable grate. In summary, I love the heavy cast iron and like the porcelain enamel coating. Let it heat up for a while, say ten minutes or so over the coals, and it will hold onto plenty of heat for a sizzling stir fry. You can remove it from the grill when it’s hot – I keep a pair of welding gloves for use with my grill: …but oven mitts work as well. Mike, excellent review! I like using it with the wok; the hole in the center of the grate steadies the wok and keeps it from sliding around while I stir-fry. After spending a full week cooking on … I never had that problem on the smaller grate. Summary, the reason the grate does not properly fit a 4 burner is due to user error. I’m just a bbq nut and like to pass on information to other bbq nuts. Which is exactly what I did, with good results. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, See all details for Weber 8854 Weber Genesis II Sear Grate, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. After seeing this genesis grate, I figured why would I spend that much for a 12 inch circle at over 100 bucks when I can get this for 1/2 of the price! It’s only available on their website but I was able to see it on one of the STOK grills on display at the store before I bought it and really liked what I saw. These grates are just slightly less thick than you get on the premium Weber Summit 670 but are every bit as nice. Now I can cook my steaks with just 1 flip. Also, I love charcoal because you don’t need the heat stored in the grates for searing; why limit myself to diamond grill marks when I can sear the entire surface of the food? I love the concept – I’ve been experimenting with cookware on my grill for years now, and I wanted to see what Weber came up with. Slide the griddle over the coals – high heat. Now, it does what it is supposed to do: after preheating, it quickly sears diamond shaped “grill marks”, and they look impressive. If you are looking to get a crosshatch than this works but I just dont think it is as effective as other methods. The thicker grates sound intriguing, but what I really wanted was the wok. The Weber Gourmet BBQ System is a set of cast iron, porcelain enameled cookware designed for use on the grill. The grate is heavy and solid. Tyler Lizenby/CNET. However, there is a down side to porcelain coated cast iron. The CI grate itself is pretty nice though. It’s time for the reviews.

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