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His brother is just graduated from university and is ready to move on with his girlfriend where Martin is totally unemployed because of his mental health. In the case of a schizophrenia patient Martin, the patient is aware of personal and environmental performance. 3 0 obj <>stream The doctors should try to gain the trust of Martin. Case Study: Social Worker - Mental Health - Lander What do you do? 4 March 2016: Social worker meets with Josef. Because it is a chronic disease, treating schizophrenia is an expensive process (Angermeyer, Matschinger & Schomerus, 2013, p.5). This violence can be harmful for the people those stay near Martin and Martin himself also. It signifies that there is a strong connection between personalisation and recovery for Martin. Research cited by Duffy (2011, p.328) states that schizophrenia is a mental illness, and therefore Martin is suffering from this disease due to a psychological imbalance. Schizophrenia of Martin arouse due to his use of cigarettes, cannabis and methamphetamine. He can become physically disable due to this mental illness. 2 March 2016: Phone call from young carer’s team to Josef. ¤ Resume writing Case Study: Social Worker - Mental Health - Lander What do you do? (Source: Gonzalez Saavedra, Sanchez Moyano-Lea & Garcia Tellez, 2012, p.13). After proper analysis, the mental health professional should discuss issues with the patient in a culturally acceptable language. My placement was based at a not for profit mental health agency, where we provided psycho-social support for people who have experienced mental health difficulties. At times patients do not get support from family members or the community, and sometimes patients are not able to participate in the entire treatment process. He was very lazy and under confident so he was not associated with any profession. %PDF-1.4 It uses the clinical reasoning cycle as a framework to explicitly discuss the situation and learnings from the mental health assessment (MSE) of Alison by utilizing the clinical reasoning cycle (CRC) and referencing to the components of MSE upon watching the video. Using biological theory, mental health professionals can understand the constructed mechanism of brain and body from a medical perspective (, 2014). Full respect and dignity, along with personal freedom, is the right of the mental health patients like Martin. Carer’s assessment and support plan completed. The family members and friends should tell Martin that they are always beside him in any situation and Martin can ask for any type of help whenever he needs. This increased the severity of his mental illness. Moreover, the male patents are trying to attempting suicide more than female patients. All mental health patients should be given equitable treatment on a non-discriminatory basis, taking into account residence, age, cultural background, etc. Phone : +61-3-6387-7039. We work with people in the community, as the name suggests. Scientific methods can be utlilized in order to address Mental Health Assignment problems such as schizophrenia of Martin. Although schizophrenia is a mental health problem, the reason for this disease may be medical, psychological or social. My day-to-day activities change according to the needs of my clients, but on Manipulation cannot work for Martin suffering from mental health problem like schizophrenia. Mental health care outcomes in pedophilia victims. The Australian regulatory body named as Adjudication body has established policies for providing correct treatment for people with mental health issues. In light of this, the Mental Health Assignment professionals provide self-directed support to Martin for his recovery (, 2014). But he was not employed anywhere due to his mental illness. There are several risks that can arise in Martin’s case. These include pharmacological intervention, psychological intervention and electroconvulsive therapy. Providing treatment for schizophrenia is not as curing a patient from a general disease it is totally different from general diseases that are curable only by medicine (Mechanic, 2004). Thompson, N. (2008) 'Anti-discriminatory Practice' Chapter 2.3 in Davies, M. et al (eds. %&'()*456789:CDEFGHIJSTUVWXYZcdefghijstuvwxyz��������������������������������������������������������������������������� $4�%�&'()*56789:CDEFGHIJSTUVWXYZcdefghijstuvwxyz�������������������������������������������������������������������������� ? Social work perspective on mental illness: The most challenging area related to mental health of Martin is personalisation. This paper intends to provide a reflection upon a case study of ‘Alison’, who is a 38-year-old single mother of two.

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