otto skorzeny israel

He took this secret to his grave when he died of cancer at 67 in Madrid in 1975. Skorzeny never explained why he helped Israel – that only emerged in the Mossad archives. Indeed, he was so much a player that it has now come out that Israel's Mossad also tapped into his "talent" from time to time: Hitler's commando Lt-Col Otto Skorzeny 'worked as an assassin for Israeli intelligence' Lieutenant Colonel Otto Skorzeny was decorated by Adolf Hitler with the rank of the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross and was one of the Führer’s most trusted men. Skorzeny was recruited by the Mossad, conducting operations for the agency from 1963, where he worked with Avraham Ahituv and Rafi Eitan, as has been confirmed by Eitan himself and other top former Mossad agents. As the commander of SS Special Forces, Otto Skorzeny thrilled Hitler with his exploits. Skorzeny was thus, if nothing else, a "player" in the murky world of postwar and early Cold War espionage. In another version, Krug is flown to Israel where he undergoes interrogation before being killed. In exchange for his cooperation and help Mossad promised to take Skorzeny off their Nazi criminal hit-list. Decorated S.S. killer Otto Skorzeny later joined Israel's Mossad as a hitman Allegations say Skorzeny assassinated rocket scientist Heinz Krug in 1962 Krug worked on Nazi V1 and V2 programmes but vanished from his office Claimed to be Israeli plot to intimidate German scientists working for Egypt Otto Skorzeny after the war. Less than 20 years later, he committed murder for Israel.

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