how to define toddler curls

She truly has a head full of mixed hair! Using a deep conditioner with sufficient slip, take the individual sections where the curls … I had no idea how much moisture her hair would need but this routine and information was really helpful. Just super excited I found this and am excited to give it a try- there isn’t much advice out there for mamas of mixed kids so thank you! I hace been very impressedwith o=how Susanna’s hair has responded to all the moisturizing weve been doing. In a lot of ways, curl-defining techniques are a way for you to train your curls. […] Mixed Hair Care: Tips for Toddler’s Ringlet Curls […], Love this post very much, i’ll try it to my 2,5 daughter because she asked me how to get her hair so cute . Let me know if you have any questions! and my Sofia has beautiful curls, but i have been brushing them not knowing. Once you find a technique that works for you, start incorporating it into your regular curly hair routine. I don’t know how else to explain It honestly . I also didn’t realize you were in Las Vegas also. […] Start with a moisture-rich routine. Done in 10 minutes from shampoo to the end with exact same results No need to to waste time defining every single curl and they still fall perfectly in place. thank you!!! Step 2: Detangling with “Combing Conditioner”. Susan. Thanks u for sharing what u know with us!!!!! I can imagine that takes hours on end, even I wouldn’t have the patience for that. Frizz doesn’t necessarily mean the hair is very dry or lacks moisture retention. I’m a mama to 3 year old mixed twin boys. I find myself having to detangle her hair every day, I never use heat in her hair so not to damage it and ruin the curl pattern. (In Dallas) Ahhhh! Did wonders for my daughters hair, Vanessa, I’ve found the best way to detangle toddler hair is to start with finger combing to remove large knots and section the hair into 4/5 sections. For the perfect curls plan ahead to give your hair plenty of time to dry. Recently his memaw took him to get his har cut. I lost a lot of my curl after my son was born and have been working to bring them back too. If you DO have mixed kids, check out the updated How to Manage Biracial Curly Hair for more info and product recommendations. Between the 3 of them I have to use so much product, Blue Magic is very affordable and I don’t care what anyone thinks it works great and their hair is super healthy. And that’s it! So, if you have a curly-haired toddler and are at your wits end, then consider my five tips for caring for curly toddler hair. i use luster’s pink or argan oil or any number of other moisturizing styling stuff, but i love the idea of having a weekly ritual!! I have a mixed son and I have no clue on what I need for to care for his hair and even how to care for his hair what products do you recommend I’ve tried asking people and searching the web for answering and I’m not getting anything please help Susanna is 12 and now wants to wear her natural curls, but her hair dries out so badly, by the end of the day she is a “frizz-head” (her words). Everything I do is to enhance their lives and help others see the beauty of curly hair! I have been using Johnson &Johnson leave in…but i noticed u use a different shampoo. I’ve tried ever product out there her hair dries out in 2 days. And I love your family stories, too… The more you spend time styling and defining your curls, the stronger your curl memory will get. Alina was one month shy of three years old when I wrote this post, but it really depends on your little one’s hair. Any ideas on how we could work on getting it back? THis is an amazing post! […], This is very good for people who don’t know what to do with mixed hair but I’ve been doing almost exactly this for almost 20 years with my kids. You are absolutely right, Ina. I’d love to have someone pamper me like that! Thank you for posting….saved my baby’s hair and monmy’s sanity! It seems to really help keep my daughter’s curls hydrated and define. My daughter is also biracial (I’m black, her dad is white). And we always have Mixed Chicks Leave In around too. Start at the bottom and work your way up the hair shaft. We also love the SheaMoisture Jamaican Castor Oil line. Your daughter’s hair sounds JUST like mine. I have been trying product after product because my daughter has very dry scalp and her hair is frizzy and when combed out its an afro. How old was your daughter when you started your routine? Once the conditioner is brushed through completely ( there are no tangles and the hair is silky with perfect curls) then I put product in my hands rub together to warm up and run through their hair, then I brush the product through. I found thus post when I was desperately looking for what how to salvage my 20 month year old’s hair. Hi Vanessa! I’ve developed somewhat of a system for them over the past couple years but as their hair gets longer and changes, I’ve found myself needing a new system! He started out with soft silky straight hair when he was born which slowly turned into soft curls & kinks over time. That’s just going to happen naturally. This information is SOOOO wonderful! ), may I suggest that you try the devacurl line. First off, her hair is SO much thicker! Hi Erika, thanks for the comment! As a child grows, the size of the hair, by diameter, changes and grows as well. My daughter is 5 and has hair similar to your daughters but has a lot more of it.

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