can you change the way a dryer door opens

Remove the door assembly. Dryers with pocket handles will have a pocket (to place your hand to pull open) located at … Remove the other four screws from the top down. Sharon Sigler Lift the door and hinges off the loosened screws. Tighten the top screws on the dryer door hinge. Use a small flat-head screwdriver to remove the plugs and set them aside. Rotate the outer door 180-degrees and place it over the inner door. Install the dryer door hinges on the screws you installed on the opposite side of the dryer opening. Set the latch aside. I have pulled very hard to open it, but it will not open. Cecilia Harsch has been writing professionally since 2009. The opening and closing of the dryer door can weaken the strike and catch over time, allowing the dryer door to pop open on its own while drying your … She attended Tarrant County College and studied English composition. Loosen the top screws holding the dryer door hinge to the dryer cabinet. There are five Phillips-head screws on the hinge of the door. Step 3 - Reversing the Hinge And Latch All you need to do now is pop off the blanking plates and transfer the hinges and the latch to the opposite side. If the dryer drum light stays on, the door switch is faulty. Start off by unscrewing the hinges from the tumble dryer, which will loosen the door allowing you to take the door off, Simple! The door switch sends a signal to the electronic control board to stop the dryer when you open the door. Remove the screw holding the door strike to the dryer opening. Use a small flat-head screwdriver to remove the strike plug on the opposite side of the dryer door opening. If the door switch fails, the dryer won't start when the door is closed. Make sure the smaller of the two hinge holes point toward the top of the door. If you have a built in washing machine with a cupboard door that attaches to the washing machine’s door you can usually choose which side to have the door hinge on. Install these screws into the top screws holes on the opposite side of the door opening. How to setup How to change opening direction of door 1. Secure the inner door to the outer door by reinstalling the screws you previously removed. One of … Open the traditional style dryer door and look for the plugs covering the hinge screw holes on the opposite side of the dryer door opening. Call 1-855-487-6949. She writes mainly home improvement, health and travel articles for various online publications. No additional hardware or kits are needed to reverse the doors. Unfasten door fixing bolts of dryer. The only one that can switch both doors so that they open french door style is Electrolux. To reverse the door swing, consult the Installation Instructions for your dryer. Mount the hinge covers to opposite side of the door. Install the strike on the opposite side of the opening and install the plug in the original strike opening. Cover the original screw holes with the plugs you previously removed. Remove the bottom screws from the dryer door hinges. Do not tighten the screws. Make any adjustments to the dryer door by loosening or tightening the hinge screws if the door fails to align with the opening. Remove the screws holding the hinges to the dryer door. Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. Remove the plugs. Grab the top and bottom of the dryer door with both hands. Rather than attempt to flip-flop your appliances, or simply get used to the inconvenience, you can change the dryer from a left-swing to a right-swing door. 1.Place a towel or soft cloth on top of the dryer or work space to protect the surface. Tighten the dryer door hinge screws. She has several years of experience in the home-improvement industry, focusing on gardening, and a background in group exercise instruction. Pry the plugs from the hinge screw holes in the dryer opening. This content is provided 'as is' and is subject to change or removal at any time. DOOR REVERSAL OPTIONS If desired you may change your door to open from the left instead of the right, using the following directions: If your door looks like this, follow the Squared-Off Dryer Door Instructions (steps 1-15): If your door looks like this, follow the Round Dryer Door Instructions (steps 16-29): 1.Remove screws from door hinge 2. Most dryers come with a door switch that will automatically shut off when you open the dryer door. Shelby Winchell has worked as a journalist for more than seven years, covering the economy, political figures and celebrities for various websites. It is also a door that is grabbed with your right hand to open it. Insert the remaining hinge screws through the top holes on the hinges. Move the strike to the opposite side of the dryer opening. First, remove the 4 dummy screws using a driver. With the dryer door open, begin by loosening the top hinge screw. Replace four hinge holes in the four open holes on the left side of the door where the door was previously attached. You may need to adjust the direction of the door due to the layout of your laundry room. I have never had any other problem with the dryer. But you can’t change the door hinge around on a freestanding washing machine. The old hinge rebates in both door & frame have to be filled in & planed smooth with wood fillets, and new rebates cut. You can order that kit from the Sears website. The dryer door might be able to flip I haven't tried yet. I provided a direct link for that part below this response. Replace all of the screws on the other side of the machine in the same manner that you removed them. Harsch received her Certified Nurses Assistant license in 2004. It's easy to change the door opening swing. Lay the dryer door face down on an old towel or sheet. Rotate the door to the right side and screw hinges into place. Replace the screws in the top, bottom and handle side of the dryer door. You can change the way a dryer door swings open. Can you change the door on a Maytag 3000 sreies dryer to open in the opposite direction? This way you can set the washer on the right and the dryer on the left. Install one screw into the bottom screw opening at the new hinge locations. Most dryers give you the option of changing the way the door opens, so it works better with your laundry room and the dryer’s placement. Can you help me with a solution? How do I change door opening direction? If it's faulty, you can easily find replacement parts. Page 18-20 of you owners manuel: You can change your door swing from a right-side opening to a left-side opening, if desired. Rotate the door 180-degrees. That kit should come with instructions. Keep reading for more information. Remove the five hinge screws. My dryer door is stuck and will not open. Tat is, the handle now is on the right. 5 Attach the door on the opposite side and screw it in place.

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