baby doll sheep for sale in wisconsin

Yipeee! | More Information, HAIR SHEEP FLOCK FOR SALE Also arriving this weekend is a 12 week old Pyrenees x Anatolian Shepherd guard-dog-to-be. Rebecca Krans 906-282-5065 Sheep, wool, and tree fruits are the essence of Prairie Plum Farm and this is one of the few sales events of my year. Babydoll Sheep for Sale Stud Rams Sheep for Sale Babydoll Sheep for Sale Hampshire Sheep for Sale Southdown Sheep for Sale Thank You to Our Customers! This will be situated in the upper barn in close proximity to the lambing activity. Price: Wethers are always $250.00 ea. A lunch will be served after the shearing. I still have some choice rams for sale – about a month out from my sheep breeding start date, so perhaps you are thinking about rams, too. Paradise Valley Farm has been breeding sheep for over 10 years and we have fallen in love with the breeds that we have: Harlequin Sheep, Cheviot Sheep, and Shetland Sheep. His twin sister, Demi won “first for spring ewe babydolls and reserved champion ewe for babydolls” this year at Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival shown by new owner, Brianna Ganske. And maybe replenish your fiber stash!!!! General Prices Harlequins F1-FP Generation: Ewes $600 & Rams $500 A-C Generations: Ewes $700 & Rams $600 AP: Ewes $800 & Rams $700 Shetlands Ewes $450 & Rams $350 All three breeds are miniature sheep, which makes them the perfect sheep for small farms, 4-H projects, and animal lovers. Depleted inventory at end of the weekend. They want their space. RSVP would be appreciated. Baby doll Lambs born in May ---1 ewe and 2 Rams price $150 each $250 for 2 or $400 for all 3... Tel: 7156773875p | 54473 | WI | 07/08/2020  For fiber purposes – his offsprings tend to fade rather rapidly – at least the girls , not so much the boys. | More Information, WANTED SUFFOLK OR SUFFOLK CROSS EWES Some times it’s at the preference of the shepherd, but sometimes it’s to keep the fiber length under the maximum that fiber processing machines can handle. offering my small flock of percentage black headed dorper and white dorper sheep consisting of 8 adult ewes and 2 late spring ewe lambs and a ram lamb. Once again I will be packing up and heading to Melodee and Hugh Smith’s, Clear Spring Yak Farm in rural Welch, MN. Very nice fleeces. ... We have been in the business for 8 years, breeding and raising babydoll sheep. yaks, alpacas, rabbits, and, of course, my Babydoll and crossbred lambs! Weaned ewe and ram lambs. Her lovely fleece is coming in beautifully. Those of us that have been breeders for 30 years plus, we have on our registration papers, the original “foundation” bloodlines which are the purest of the breeds. She now refers to them as the, 2019 Lambs (As of 1/30/20 all the available 2019 lambs are sold), Reserving a Lamb or adult Sheep (Updated 10/19/20), Finn, Babydoll, and Finn x Doll wool traits, Hazel woodchips as substrate for mushrooms – Shiitake trial, Of Hazels and Heifers (and bull calves, too), 2019 Lambs Still Available (updated 11/10/2019), Babydoll & Babydoll x Finn Lambs for sale (5/27/19), NABSSAR-Registered Babydoll Rams for Sale, Preparing for Lambing & Shearing Invitation, 106 Esther (white ewe, triplet from Claire & Kenny), 107 Emelda (white ewe, triplet from Claire & Kenny, bottle fed), 108 Eugena (white ewe, triplet from Claire & Kenny), 82 Ernest (black ram HST, 50% Finn 50% Babydoll, twin from Becka & Devon), 103 Elly Mae (white ewe, 88% Finn 12% Babydoll, triplet raised as twin, from Daria & Duffy), 113 Evan (white ram (carrying Brown), 88% Finn 12% Babydoll, twin from Daphne & Duffy. Here are the updated availabilities for each: Final preparations are under way for this weekend’s event. Come see the many fiber animals…. | More Information, FOR SALE: EAST FRIESIAN RAMS | More Information, ROMNEY MERINO RAM LAMBS I’ve invested in improved electrical service to the barn. Right off the bat I invite anyone interested to stop in to watch (and perhaps take part in) the annual shearing event this Saturday, March 17th at Prairie Plum Farm. Busy Summer and too many baby’s left so I’m having a clearance sale. REGISTERED CLUN FOREST RAM LAMBS FOR SALE. Once again I am sold out of prepared colored wool (except for yarn), so I am happy my flock produced an abundance of black lambs this year – 23 out of 28. It worked out well partly due to the thoughtfulness of Jessica Anderson who stopped over to give me a break each day. A number of inquiries and a few reservations following posting on Facebook! Prairie Creek Acres has been a cornerstone of breeding Olde English Babydoll Southdown Sheep since 2007. The boys charmed their way into the hearts of their new Aunt and Gramma and soon were on the road to their new home and lots of snuggles to come. If you are interested in giving any of these boys a chance to prove what they can do for your flock, give me a call or text at 715-220-1183 or email swiegrefe@sbcglobal-dot-net. I’m expecting to have between 28 and 31 lambs this year compared with 19 last year. top) have been rolled into balls for easy dispensing. It was cool enough this weekend to do the swap and the observations are encouraging. | More Information, FOR SALE BABY DOLL SHEEP $150.00 ea... Tel: 2188302139 | 54757 | WI | 08/14/2020  Dixie is camera shy. Evan has brown genes so any brown babies will be his. There were some surprizes – 3 were further along in their pregnancies than they should have been based on when I set up breeding pens and “allowed access”. | More Information. The wool from the crossbreds is also wonderfully soft! Vets are incredibly busy people this time of year, but I was able to book a time and took the boys over in a medium dog carrier and they checked out. Any one wishing to watch and/or join in is invited. Get a reservation on next springs lambs now! As someone who isn’t a fan of hand washing – I’m thrilled! The straight Babydolls have about 1″ of wool at this point – 3.5 months out from the last shearing. Against strenuous objections from both mom and baby I added the second boy, Duncan, to the bottle baby routine. A couple ram lambs have horns that go straight out. Stop by this Saturday – and feel the fluff! I have 8 Finn cross lambs for sale. 40 were here. Thank you, Carol, for your help! Any future lambs from our black sheep will be sold as unregistered flocks (4 or more per group), and not for the purpose of breeding. This woman’s niece was interested in being part of a 4H project where she needed to care for a bottle baby for 2 or more weeks. We will be focusing on producing the best Babydoll Southdown fleeces we can for hand spinners. All our sheep are registered with the North American Babydoll Southdown Sheep Association Registry (NABSSAR) Call or emailus if you are interested in reserving a ewe lamb, ram lamb or a wether. Becka with babies all tagged and with tail bands are free to roam the south end of the greenhouse. No pics... Tel: 7152504791 | 54929 | WI | 06/27/2020  One anecdote I heard that is very exciting… a woman who makes felted booties said she had tried using Babydoll wool and was unable to get them to shrink in spite of multiple passes through the agitation and hot water in her washing machine. I also had two rams move to Ontario, Canada. Research Genetics. No longer available. I have rams in abundance so will carry them through the winter for their fleeces, then market them for meat if they are not scooped up for breeding stock. Due to availability of some of my work force I’ve shifted from Saturday to Sunday morning for the annual shearing day. Yearling Proven East Friesian Ram for sale. General Prices Harlequins F1-FP Generation: Ewes $600 & Rams $500 A-C Generations: Ewes $700 & Rams $600 AP: Ewes $800 & Rams $700 Shetlands Ewes $450 & Rams $350 Both are triplets from two different sets. Wisconsin Sheep Classifieds. Willing to travel for good animals... Tel: 920 960 6460 | 53963 | WI | 08/03/2020  I have one ram (2 years), two ewes (2 years and 4 years). She now refers to them as the Superwash breed! Born March/April, almost as big as the ewes, should be able to breed in late fall or early winter. Light colored shetland ram needed. I watched him closely. For fiber purposes – his offsprings tend to fade rather rapidly – at least the girls , not so much the boys. I’d checked his mom and it wasn’t a matter of no milk to be had, but that was the past – he needed help FAST. This will allow us to focus more on our fleeces with our black sheep. My 18 month old ram, Calvin, has been just too perfect a specimen to send to freezer camp. I should have some Finn x Babydoll cross lambs already by that date for snuggles. Time to get new blood in the pen to breed our ewes.... Tel: 920-470-6978 | 54129 | WI | 11/24/2020 

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