arabian oud kalemat review

Even after showering, I could still smell the base notes on my skin. Post by FeralJasmine . Kalemat Black is a modern-day powerhouse, lasting more than 24 hours on my skin. is described as having the following notes: top — bilberry and anise; middle — rosemary and Kashmir … Kalemat from the company Arabian Oud is a gorgeous amber in a rich, heady, potent, incredibly long-lasting brew that is both affordable and utterly addictive. oz.) Though not office-friendly, its a really good fragrance for those who want an oud … Price-wise, Kalemat is $120 for 100ml in the Arabian Oud … Arabian Oud Kalemat Eau de Parfum ($59.99 for 3.4 fl. It was $60 for a big bottle, and such is the seductive power of Kafkaesque's prose that large numbers of us blind-bought it. Kalemat's superior is more in the longevity than projection, I'd say. I don’t usually start my reviews with that blunt, bottom line, but stylistic rules be damned. You have to buy this! From its start as a molten river of caramelized amber creme brulée, Kalemat … Arabian Oud Kalemat Eau de Parfum. Some time ago, my friend Kafkaesque did a review of a then-unknown perfume called Kalemat, from Arabian Oud. Kalemat by Arabian Oud … Performance-wise, Kalemat is superior to both 24 Gold and Raghba, with 24 Gold being better than Raghba.

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