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Quite the same Wikipedia. Nivin Pauly is an artist and director of Indian movies. English Articles. Pauly, in Kerala, was brought up. He was born in Ernakulam on October 11, 1984. He has won many awards including Kerala State Film Award, South Indian International Movie Award, Critics Awards, etc. Live Statistics. the movie concentrates on life of a police man named BIJU (nivin) the way he deals with problems is different . Action Hero Biju directed by ABRID SHINE starring NIVIN PAULY Is a movie that justifies its tag line with good amount of comedy. for his performances. In Abrid Shine’s 2016 film Action Hero Biju, we saw, his portrayal of the heartbroken mason Pavithran, a completely different side to the usually slapstick comedian. Action Hero Bjiu was the mega bumper after which offers started pouring in: Suraj Venjaramoodu Suraj Venjaramoodu’s acting career can be divided into two halves; before winning the National Award and after that. Improved in 24 Hours. Not only an actor, but he is also a producer and has produced many movies including his own super hit movie “Action Hero Biju” in 2016. Pauly Bonaventure is the name of Nivin’s uncle. Just better. He was a mechanic employed in Switzerland and a nurse at one of the Swiss hospitals was his wife. The hit-making pair of director Abrid Shine and actor Nivin Pauly, who have delivered a couple of the biggest commercial successes with 1983 and Action Hero Biju, are coming together for … Languages. After becoming the country’s best actor in 2014, there is a remarkable growth in Suraj’s career graph. I noticed this man walking into sub-Inspector’s room to report that his wife was missing. Action Hero Biju. Added in 24 Hours. Abrid warned him … It was the year 2016 and I was watching Action Hero Biju. He has been part of […] Pauly was born into a family of Catholics. Recent.

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