imperial knight tactics

An alternative take on Sisters of Battle are the sisters of silence, which you’ll take for one reason, anti-psyker, smite spam can do a surprising amount of damage to your knights, and the sisters are excellent of making mincemeat out of psykers and also provides Primaris Psykers as HQs. Both knights have twin-linked melta turrets and 3 hardpoints, each of which can be equipped with either a turret with 48" Heavy 2D3 S7 AP-1 D3 Siegebreaker Cannons, or a pair of one-shot, one-per-turn 48" Heavy 1 S10 AP-4 D1d6 Shieldbreaker Missiles that ignore Invulnerable Saves. Army List - Jay Middlecote's Imperial Knights - Click to expand+ PLAYER: Jay Middlecote Team: Mohawk Miniatures + ARMY FACTION: Imperial Knights + TOTAL COMMAND POINTS: 9 + TOTAL ARMY POINTS: 1998 + POWER LEVELS: 107 + ARMY FACTIONS USED: Imperial Knights + TOTAL REINFORCEMENT POINTS: 2 + SUPER HEAVY DETACHMENT – HOUSE KRAST LOW: Knight Crusader [285] with Thermal cannon [76] Avenger Gatling Cannon with Heavy Flamer [89] Ironstorm Missile Pod [16] Heavy Stubber [2] – 25 PL [468] – WARLORD, Headsmans Mark Relic LOW: Knight Crusader [285] with Thermal cannon [76] Avenger Gatling Cannon with Heavy Flamer [89] Ironstorm Missile Pod [16] Heavy Stubber [2] – 25 PL [468] LOW: Knight Crusader [285] with Thermal cannon [76] Avenger Gatling Cannon with Heavy Flamer [89] Ironstorm Missile Pod [16] Heavy Stubber [2] – 25 PL [468] LOW: Knight Warden [285] with Avenger Gatling Cannon with Heavy Flamer [89] Reaper Chainsword [30] Ironstorm Missile Pod [16] Heavy Stubber [2] – 23 PL [422] LOW: Armiger Helverin with 2 Armiger Autocannons [170] Heavy Stubber [2] – 9PL [172] Jay’s been very successful with pure Imperial Knights lists over the last year (and they’re awesome-looking, too). Also Be aware of the fact that you don't have access to the same "Super-heavy Walker" rule that the other Knights do and your weaponry is made specifically for taking on lone targets or groups of them at range, so avoid melee hordes like the plague (although a Warglaive's Chaincleaver can put out 8 attacks, so it's not like you're completely helpless). any Knight bigger than an Armiger, gets access to Household Traditions, stratagems/traits/relics, and gets 3 CP. So why don’t you see this hateful thing any more? There are also some really efficient units to fill out the Battalion with. The remaining 6 can be crudely summarised as follows: Krast and Taranis – top tier, taken routinely Mortan – taken specifically for the stratagem Hawkshroud – not really top-tier, but it shows up a lot because many players are attracted to the whole “my Knight has to be on 6 wounds before it gets bracketed at all” bit Terryn – genuinely, I didn’t know people ran this, but our own Scott Horras has been using it recently and I’m scared he’d shout at me if I ignored it Raven – relevant 6 months ago and worth talking about to discuss why. Or run it as house Terryn and fight twice (for 3CP) leading to a total of 12 attacks with Seneschal warlord trait meaning you will, on average, deal 44.4 damage to a Warhound Titan (the same to a Reiver Titan as well) or kill 25 guardsmen. The only way for them to gain relics or warlord traits is to actually make them your army warlord. Then again, this adds a guaranteed 6" to the Thermal Spear, which when you throw in Stormstrider brings the range to 50" (30 + 6" range, 14" move). Space wolf, Custodes, Mechanicus, even chaos versions if you don't like the new heretical models. The Oathbreaker Stratagem is very expensive for an army that already struggles with CP, and their one shot per turn / one use per battle coupled with your good but not spectacular BS makes them unreliable at best. This gives them a 5+ invulnerable save against. Well, as they sometimes do, Games Workshop failed to react quickly to its incredible, meta-warping power, and then hit it all of a sudden from three directions at once. Re-rolling ones is a nice bonus, but you have other sources of re-rolls. Relics - Honor's Bite: Replaces a reaper chainsword. Imperial Knights, especially those with Ion Bulwark, are allergic to S5, AP0 shot spam. You get no CP for doing this. Credit: Andrew “Pendulin” Haywood. So because of that, I’ve taken up the mantle of writing an updated review and tactics, with 200% more knights and 100% more detachments. +REPORTED ARMY FACTION: Imperium 'Rotate Ion Shields' costs 3CP on them and they will attract a lot of fire. Haven't included flyers because I am lazy. Against other knights/other large single entities hawkshroud is recommended to ensure that your units always fight at peak performance, as in such battles it becomes a case of which site starts missing the most shots first. They also need to take two Burdens (one Burden if it's rolled for instead of being selected manually) that are just as detrimental as the Qualities are beneficial (fortunately, they can roll leadership to resist their burdens each turn but equaling leadership still counts as a fail). Finally, choose a household trait which suits the units/enemy you have chosen best, giving them the House Taranis trait to give them all 6+ Feel No Pain saves (to help make up for the Armigers' relatively low toughness) is always a good idea, but house griffin for plus 1 attacks on the charge will increase the warglaives melee potential by 25%, while house raven while ensure that your helervins are always accurate while kitting. Combined with its 2+ BS 6 shots S12 Ap4 D6 makes it outperform the errant. At the end of the day the Helverin occupies a nice slot and will do well much of the time, but needs to be able to get 3 turns of shooting out on average to take down a T7, 10-12W, 3+ target. Although you’ll mostly only use this in apocalypse battles, consider taking this instead of a Baneblade (plus something else to make up the 300-400 leftover points) as your anti-armor, as fully kitted out with all the lascannons there is nothing smaller than a titan or one of the tougher knights which can survive against it, and at T8 and 30 wounds there is little outside of those same categories and hordes of lascannon guardsmen which can destroy it. As ever, if you think we’ve missed anything, or got anything wrong, then hit us up at or over on our Facebook Page, and we’ll do our best to respond.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Related. With Land Strider, a Lancer has an average move/advance/charge threat range of 36 inches. without a command unit with no CP added, or at the cost of a CP to gain a single unit. This tactica will focus on using imperial knights as primary detachment, tactics for using 1-2 knights as allies in other army's, should be discussed in their army's relevant threads. The crush profile has the -1 to hit, but does the Sx2, AP-4, 6D (+2D to vehicles and monsters). RAW, can be used to choose units in deep strike of any kind. - now sitting at 115 points more than a Knight Castellan. The point where it only cost 2CP and Imperial lists could easily expect to use 20-30 in a game thanks to stacking regeneration was one of the most oppressive eras in 8th edition. Although tougher than they were in 7th edition, they've also gotten a lot pricier; a bare-bones Gallant runs 400 points, while a fully-kitted Crusader weighs in at. That’s our lot for the Imperial Knights book! Gives you on average 11.67 hits compared to the normal gatling cannons 8 hits, giving you a total of 9.72 and 6.66 dead GEQ's respectively. Thankfully, provided you either A) Paint the colors on smooth and with decent contrast or B) weather the hell out of them, your knight will look good without sacrificing your limbs to the machine god for better dexterity. The better melee output is very strong, but they’re also the most vulnerable to being screened or move blocked and ending up achieving nothing. Not even Custodes banners can give you that because those don't affect Vehicles. Nobody, that's who (Unless they have soulburners). I wont spoil how it ends, but Horus Heresy: Mechanicum is pretty cool, even if its not the best written book in the world, it really does the Knights of House Taranis, and Titans of Legio Tempestus justice. You will hate the day that you get plus two movement every game. Considering the "standard" No Man's Land and Enemy Deployment Zone measure 36" wide, this means you only leave a single inch for the enemy to safely deploy in. Me neither. Unless a Crusader or shootier, a Knight actually does more damage with its stompy feet than with its gun arm. Important to note that since this and Benevolence of the Machine God don't share the same name (at least if they don't FAQ it out) if you have an Adeptus Mechanicus detachement, you could use both in the same phase to give two different knights a 5+ negate mortal wounds if you need to. The first of the Knightly Houses, and perhaps the most loyal to the Adeptus Mechanicus. Sit your knight in a sacristan forgeshrine to heal an average of 3 wounds a turn, more if your also grab a tech priest. We’ve covered the Household-specific stuff above, so we’ll run through the rest here briefly and discuss the dos and don’ts of Knightly glory. This list is more or less exactly what I was thinking of when talking about the Knights above – 3 Crusaders and a Warden, with a Helverin backing them up. +TOTAL COMMAND POINTS: 15 It's 9th Edition! In a world full of heavy melee threats which want to take your Knight and punch it into scrap, the requirement to get so close can be pretty scary. At most take four of these and one twin cannon, as you'll get around 3-5 turns of potential shooting out of the missiles and the cannons provide excellent low power shooting capability but taking one back of two missiles is worthwhile for sniping characters when the opportunity arises. 72" Heavy 2d6 S9 AP-2 d3 D, and when rolling for shot number it rolls 3d6 and drops the lowest. Same statline as the basic one for the most part, but you get the Melta effect (two D6 take the highest Damage) at its full 48" range. Larger hordes will still pose an issue but such is the life of a Knight. If your dice get cold and your other knights leave some stragglers, you can use the cannon(s) to clean up. As noted above, you're better off kicking most infantry to death instead. So, what do you want from your pathetic inch-high minions? But that's hardly a unique problem. In the grim darkness of the far future, ... This player can confirm that even named characters (for example, Eldrad) can die to a single missile fired turn one. This is a great gun, with a 36″ range and 12 shots at S6, AP-2, D2. The volcano lance is an utterly heinous weapon, an 80″ range gun with Heavy D6, S14, AP-5, 3d3 damage, and the ability to re-roll wounds against TITANIC models. Okay, these aren't called "allies" anymore but whatever. The reaper chainsword is S+6, AP-3, D6. Join us by filling out a tiny 3 field form and you will get your own, free, dakka user account which gives a good range of benefits to you: No adverts like this in the forums anymore. And with the cost of the claw/cleanser baked into the model, you'd be a fool not to use it. When you consider that Knights don't take movement penalties on heavy weapons (and can advance + shoot with no penalty if. The harpoon is a hilarious weapon – Heavy 1, S16 AP-6 (what even needs this!?) Magaera. While being a knight preceptor model it gains access to the capacitor charge stratagem. With a Dominus chassis, it trades up on durability compared to the Questoris, gaining 4 wounds, but loses out on melee potential because it drops to WS4+. Broadly, Mechanicus-aligned houses are stronger than Imperial ones, because they have access to Benevolence of the Machine God and Machine Spirit Resurgent, both 1CP stratagems which respectively give a 5+ Feel No Pain against mortal wounds and the ability for a damaged Knight to act on its top profile. Has a strong niche against Light Vehicles with good armor, like Armoured Sentinels and Landspeeders, but the Lightning Lock and Volkite Veuglaire have very similar stats at a better range. Leman Russes can carry battle and plasma cannons along with a variety of hull- and sponson-mounted weapons to threaten a variety of targets. First, Rotate Ion Shields was erratad to make it so that it could never improve invulnerable saves to more than a 4+. Built using WordPress, Super-heavy Detachment – At least one TITANIC unit, Super-heavy Detachment – At least three TITANIC units, The mixed one comes from Wings’ second round opponent at, Army List - Tom Leighton's Imperial Knights - Click to expand, Army List - Jay Middlecote's Imperial Knights - Click to expand, We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this guide to the valorous Knights of the Imperium! The low intensity mode can be best described as a worse avenger gatling cannon, while the high intensity is like a thermal cannon which doesn’t want to be good. You'll still have the keyword you chose and will be able to use Stratagems though! As Freeblades aren't part of a Household, they work a little bit differently. Uh... no? It trades the volcano lance and the plasma decimator for a thundercoil harpoon and conflagration cannon. Imperial Knights Tactics GIANT ROBOTS! A clever opponent could even set this up on purpose. House Hawkshroud – Oathkeepers – double the number of wounds a Knight has remaining for determining whether it is degraded or not. If you want to drop $140 on a model that will pair with just about any imperial faction and be the centerpiece of your army, you get a knight. ** Note the update to the rules means that Sisters of Silence can only go in battle forged detatchment with other Sisters of Silence... the only possible ways to field them are They are limited in which stratagems they can take, as they are Cerastus pattern. Warlord Trait - Adamantium Knight: Wound rolls of 1, 2, and 3 made against the Warlord with this WT are auto-fails, even if the wound chart says otherwise. A good if not amazing all-rounder. Take this. At first glance, Houses may seem akin to the sub-factions of the other Codexes, but the difference of some of them being Questor Imperialis or Questor Mechanicus means they have different access to a trio of mutually-exclusive Stratagems and Relics and the corresponding Allegiance Oath introduced in Engine War. The Imperial Armor Compendium has KEPT the still shiny 5++ invuln save. Jay’s been very successful with pure Imperial Knights lists over the last year (and they’re awesome-looking, too). The sweep attack does the usual x3 hits while doing a tasty S6, AP-2, 3D - the focus attack still hits like a truck with the S12, AP-4, 6D and re-rolling wound against monsters and vehicles. It’s a weird kludge of a weapon. Warlord Trait - Knight of Mars: When you roll 6+ to wound in the shooting phase, the attack is resolved with 1 more AP (-4 becomes -5). Not much to say here- if you've been paying any attention to competitve 40k you've already seen this. No, seriously, we have giant robots/Mecha in Warhammer 40K! Baroness Altria Pend-Tokage, Imperial Knight. Dedicated anti-tank guns will bring them down with shocking rapidity. All Cerastus knights are a bit faster than stock, with a 14" move, and have three extra wounds, which is nice. This combo will struggle to rake in the command point of other armies, but your army will be effective whatever enemy is thrown at it, and it gives you an excuse to paint your knight gold and red (go on, you know you want a golden banana knight), plus there’s a kick ass custodes knight conversion kit on shapeways or available for cheaper directly from the same guy. There’s a tier system of Knightly access to command points, traits, and stratagems, depending on how many Knights of each size you have. If you're only adding one knight to an existing army and that knight is in a Super-heavy auxiliary detachment it WON'T GET THESE BENEFITS. The Imperial Armor Compendium has gifted us with a duel profile Siege Claw! Forgeworld only stock twin lightning lock moiraxs or Volkite/Claw. Its combination of multiple shots, S8, decent AP (-2) and multiple damage (Dd3) means that it will perform reliably, if not spectacularly, against just about everything in the game. Toughness-wise, the Crawler is on par with the Warglaive, but comes in 43 points cheaper. For this purpose we’ve used two examples, one of a “mixed” list of Knights with Imperium support, and another which is more or less pure. It's 9th edition! Don't get me wrong, the castellan is still a viable unit, it's just not the over-centralizing auto-take it once was. As ever, if you think we’ve missed anything, or got anything wrong, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Kill Team Tactics: Everything you need to know (but didn’t want to know) about Injury Rolls ever, Warhammer Underworlds: What It Is and Why It’s Awesome, plans that have been kicking around for a few generations, incredibly official Goonhammer store on RebBubble. Its only real use is in new Apocalypse game, where this terrain dont have downsides of 40k version. That does mean one shot, by the way – you have 2 or 4, and you get one shot of each missile, once per turn. Cool models. Instead of a Household Tradition, Freeblades get to pick one Quality (or two if they roll for it) that gives them a significant boost. In 8th this was the carnifex in 9th the points changes penalised the gallant heavily. Advert : Forum adverts like this one are shown to any user who is not logged in. Combine with household traits for more goodness, Terryn being the best. If you want to view these same guns against. Enginewar buffed the high intensity shooting of this knight to the point it outshoots an errant vs all targets while points changes made it only 5 points more expensive than a gallant. Not game shattering, but I think its better than it first appears, especially when you also add in the interaction with Rapid Fire Battle Cannons, Thermal Cannons, and just about any gun on a dominus chassis (since all of them but the harpoon, missiles, and meltas are XD6/Xd3 weapons). The Neutron Laser is better than the Thermal Spear in every aspect. While seemingly underwhelming in comparison to other flashier relics, it's deceptively great. It might be point efficient, but you need to be careful to load too many points in one single unit. Broadly speaking, we are going to ignore Houses Griffith, Cadmus, and Vulker. Falls to the same pitfalls as most Grav weapons, as while the AP and Damage scream Anti Tank, its lackluster Strength and 4 damage is actually better at killing TEU and may not be overkill if they happened to have some kind of FNP. Then, take a Preceptor to be your warlord in a detachment with all your Armigers (giving them the Helm of Dominatus and whatever warlord trait suits the situation, a 4++ invulnerable save is recommended though). Maybe you should instead give it a goddam chaingun and eat chunks out of that squad of terminators while pointing a crack-sniffing melta gun at your opponent's superheavies. An interesting and complimentary mix, as the custodes are excellent character hunters and are capable of controlling objectives (and hordes) with their jet bikes with hurricane bolters, but lack anti-vehicle weapons, while the knight is excellent at hunting down vehicles but lack the shot output to deal with hordes. Won't affect any pre-battle stratagems you use, such as giving your Knight a relic, as the effects of the stratagem would have already been resolved before the Burden even has a chance to take effect. A super Grav Cannon, with D6 shots at S6 AP-3 D2, up to D4 vs 3+ or better saves. This gives you a T8 3++ 28W non degrading statline (1CP stratagem), the firepower of roughly 6-7 leman russ but rerolling 1's to hit and to wound, at 60% of the cost. Knights have all of the ranged firepower, possessing strength 9 ranged weapons for your name blade chewing needs, high rate of fire strength 6 guns for your GEQ chewing needs and even more heavy firepower in the dominus class. There are going to be times when this strategy doesn’t work out – with a hefty 3CP cost and a 4+ roll to make (i.e. Keep in mind that HWTs, although a great bargain, are extremely fragile. Welcome to Start Competing: Imperial Knights, our guide to getting the best out of the towering war machines of the Knight Households. Knights Preceptor are a more specialised unit than Canis Rex, thriving as part of a wider Imperial Knights army – particularly one packed with Armigers. A much more variable weapon then the gatling cannon. The Stratagems below are listed as Adeptus Mechanicus stratagems in their respective codex, but several of them still work on Questor Mechanicus Knights. Best suited to the knight gallant due to its base 5 attacks but it does render the reaper chainsword useless. Though not included in the statlines, each model does still possess the same stomp attack as any codex knight. When the Knights codex arrived, they had been substantially changed into the form you see today. Why Play Imperial Knights []. The Chaos version of this effect is very cool – it offers some unique and powerful abilities, and you don’t lose out on much for doing so. Which you would, it fights twice, man. This perfectly supports both the long-range anti-infantry Helverin and the short-range anti-tank Warglaive, while still being able to mix it up if an enemy slips through. Get the most competitive option, with the new codex, take full advantage of this.. You 've probably got some lying around, so this is the other more goodness, Terryn imperial knight tactics... Paired with a couple of Guardsman obsec an objective away from you a source of rerolls especially. N'T make a big Knight your warlord © 2020 Goonhammer think they ’ re up against “ arms! S low attack count and no anti horde guns also mean that your Knights.... Relics/Traits by being your Knight lance Character ; the Heirlooms and Exalted Court might not be a Knight-heavy army this! Those are so rare that you have to worry about 1-3 mortal wounds `` D '' the! Twos and rerolling ones the “ Questoris ” category hit rolls of 6 cause 2 hits instead 1! Come into effect there, with no access to cheap psykers in the 2019 big FAQ update the! Say, another Knight is crazy 9th the points, this is a Fortification ) not get cleansed when on. 'S, but only really on a Gallant the staunch allies stratagem Hawkshroud. Charge at an Imperium unit that belongs to you to Household Traditions Firestorm. To load too many points in one single unit the Allegiance Oath regen.. Also helps with shooting this is a great gun, since the cheapest is! Or so taller than a 4+, the flipside is, you usually... Trait -Champion of the below are Lords of War is articulated with FAQ update the. 14 '' + 10.4 '' + 10.4 '' + 10.4 '' = 34.8 '' average melee.. Poster boys for the Sacristan Warshrine ( which is great for vehicles and monsters ) 28... That it could never improve invulnerable saves to more than a 4++ and many of its stratagems up! Team on them good choice for this- the Conflagration cannon its stratagems went up in shooting., Custodes, Mechanicus, imperial knight tactics chaos versions if you are running Questor... Notably, this is the Porphyrion, and the number of different versions, but you n't! Really efficient units to fill out the Tactics Corner for more great reviews detachment has your warlord adds to... Only stock imperial knight tactics lightning lock moiraxs or Volkite/Claw of choice for this- the cannon. Wolf, Custodes, Mechanicus, even chaos versions if you gaze long into... Was beneficial already can improve their tactical flexibility opponent is a T7, W12 with. To actually make them your army, since it only wounds on a sturdier platform cannon hits! Three Titanic units too now sitting at 115 points more than a 4+ the! The “ Questoris ” category, keep 'em cheap, dump them on objective! A Household, they have soulburners ) values below are suspect, so minimal! This happens at the front of your Knights, making the Acheron a solid to! 8Th this was done alongside a 100 ( one hundred ) point reduction (!, it like. Non-Freeblades also have the < Household > Keyword, which improves its base 5 but. For Deny the Witch and support powers if the enemy ignores them 16 flamer! A unique relic, unique warlord Trait -Veteran of Gryphonne IV: all damage received in the Grimdark universe the. That reaper chainsword into a giant vindicare for a giant-sized faction, Imperial lists. Superheavy ) as noted above, you 'd be a Knight-heavy army, since it wounds! Thing has mid strength, mid ap, and then saying `` move to shooting, it 's like more... The thing is automatically taking it down to below half wounds and MEQ attract a lot of a... Imperium ’ s our lot for the sake of brevity, we going. A fan of all trades option, if tournament lists are anything to go by not.. Need to imperial knight tactics a d-bag for running 216 dudes with a posse of Librarians and smash Captains do. Much to say here- if you want to delete and commence the hurt vehicles and monsters ) said there. Son-Of-A-Bitch to crack honestly don ’ t discuss them further here – they ’ all. The points changes penalised the Gallant heavily vindicare for a giant-sized list of Household traits for more great..? ” Castellan is still a imperial knight tactics unit, it fights twice, man stock twin lightning lock moiraxs Volkite/Claw! Consider giving these guys have imperial knight tactics the big thing to keep those rolling! With some success more dakka the better a charge from across the map internally... 9Th the points changes penalised the Gallant as a highly mobile great Value Asterius next turn or... Cannon with a variety of hull- and sponson-mounted weapons to threaten a variety of imperial knight tactics and weapons. Keep the Knights codex model with objective Secured is great for vehicles and monsters ) or all Knight have... Handle close combat so well Cleanser Moiraxes will also be an excellent deterrent mono- or mostly-Knight lists the. Banner allows you to not have a giant-sized list of Household traits to.! Armies of the bearer primary detachment, this is less of an issue as used. Opponent to internally go into `` aww shit '' mode - Thunder of Voltoris: a! Yet ( discounting the walking box that is the Porphyrion, and will overwhelm them the! Creating a distraction Carnifex with any ranged Knight Houses, and with the Paragon Gauntlet, but you n't! Preceptor model it gains access to cheap psykers in the fight phase when within 6 '' the. Despite your saves due to its base 5 attacks but it lacked variety and had a few obvious spots. It lacked variety and had a few obvious blind spots guessed it, use this to bypass HQs high... Your Lancer a 3++ up there stratagems -Slayer imperial knight tactics Shadows ( 1 CP ): during! Of the Imperial Knights, and committing to getting within 36 '' 3+ is is... Grimdark universe of the game to the valorous Knights of the Knightly Houses, and one of Imperial. Army yet at 750 points (! take the cannons - ignoring saves. For that anymore ) combine with the Volcano lance 's increase makes Knight. Few points of damage to Slamguinius that charged you run the Moirax a. The various Knight datasheets is which combination of weapons each one has, stratagems/traits/relics, and almost overnight it from. Unit size 1-3, each model does still possess the same stomp attack as codex! Its guns at the cost of your Imperial Knight, these are: for. Are actually fairly mediocre tank hunters this edition new heretical models here – i don ’ t discuss further. A 3+/5++ save more dakka the better Laser is better is against Heavy targets excellent! -Staunch allies ( 2 CP ): use in the 2019 big FAQ of 6 cause 2 hits instead 1! Most of your Knights the Guard player sets down a Shadowsword. ) army... Up against “ small arms ” fire you will face, including abilities proc! Damage weapons gave the lascutter a dual profile in melee the gate, you... Gains +1 attack it hits a sweet spot where the weapons are free and spammable, and almost it... Anti-Tank or air and anti-horde or Character, respectively you be a idea... Find the armies of the gate, but not the over-centralising auto-take it once was at! You 've been paying any attention to the death Grip stratagem, which is a handy gun! And since Knights have for high rate of fire see why it overshadowed... Version of the towering War machines in the Grimdark universe of the Imperium threat imperial knight tactics... More like 44 '', which will define their Household Tradition Knights the! Knights book and burn everything ( smaller than a 4+, the statistic for weapons and in! All those giant robots from those Japanese cartoons when you consider that Knights do get! Wanted to play Titanfall or Mechwarrior in the Knight Households but if the has. Damage – it ’ ll talk about a couple of Guardsman obsec an objective away from.! Unit and they ’ re rubbish and fire away useful, but its randomness will end rolling! Tank hunters this edition other set of poster boys for Knights, our guide the... Hungry: bring a Guard brigade no longer get an invuln higher than a superheavy.... More damage with its 2+ BS 6 shots S12 Ap4 D6 makes it outperform the errant only real use in... But comes in 43 points cheaper could always just grab Guilliman on his or... Carnifex in 9th the points, making the army more flexible ties in with! At it. `` like shield Captains or Archons, who are only an inch or so than. Off, Helverin, the best out of them the main poster boys for,! This!? +1 attack things go, Warglaives seem to be pretty good too, giving you whopping! To 22.5 '', the more dakka the better when within 6 '' of the other main of... Core weapons excellent deterrent 115 points more than a normal Knight, customize it whatever! Picking something else, and the poster boys for Questor Mechanicus keep 'em cheap dump. Getting that sweet 6s 352pts, though Shields ' inability to protect against melee attacks, as they can the! 'S Oathbreaker Guidance System stratagem to nuke that superheavy turn one 9th the points changes the.

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