capacitor keeps burning out

A Burning Smell in a Ceiling Fan. The 6 diodes in the rectifier are rated to continuously handle the maximum output current of the alternator. In the UK, where standard single phase is 240 v Motor is a twin capacitor type, 200MFD start cap, 30 MFD run capacitor. Many older capacitors typically found in the power supplies of tube amps are the "wet electrolyte" type. Any help would be appreciated. Monitors, d… I am using a tantalum capacitor of 10 uF rated at 20V as a decoupling capacitor. Its main purpose is to act as a ground for the electric charge to prevent the two electrodes from sparking with each other. Pool pumps may have two capacitors, one in the back (the start capacitor) and one on top (the run capacitor). Topic: I keep burning out my regulator/rectifier. Capacitor Failure Symptoms are sometime harder to identify without the right tools and expertise. Did I likely get a bad capacitor, or might something else be ruining my capacitors?

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